About Us

Bottlejunction was concepted and created starting in 2009 as a way to make the three tier system in the United States work more efficiently.  It is our goal to empower wine producers and distributors of all sizes to conduct research on potential partners and contact them through a system that adds instant credibility to the process of doing business.

Our team comes with experience working directly within all three of tiers of the wine business.  From import/producer all he way down to distributor sales, restaurants and fine wine shops.  We understand your business and the challenges presented with finding new brands and distribution channels.  It is out of this collective experience that this site was designed, specifically for the beverage industry, to help our clients navigate the difficult waters of finding new and successful partnerships and markets.

On the technology side we bring over 20 years of experience in design, marketing and development.  The systems in place have been tested and proven to provide the most detailed functionality while remaining straight forward and easy to use.  For BottleJunction we have created a new system specifically for our industry, BevMatch.  This takes into consideration the busy schedules of our member and will automate the search process so you can focus on your other priorities while looking for partners at the same time.  We will continue to innovate and add more features as they become important to our clients.