Getting Started - Producers
Getting Started - Distributors

Welcome to BottleJunction! This site will become the one stop internet solution for your Winery! Below are your first steps to getting connected with the right distributor partner and creating your professional on line marketing presence.

The producer portal of BottleJunction is split into six different sections or Tabs at the top of the page: Dashboard, Match Marketplace, Bev-Matches, Saved Searches, Favorites and Profile. Everything you need is contained inside these Tabs.


This tab is your starting point for entering information about your winery that will be viewed by potential distributor partners. To get started, click on the PROFILE tab and enter your information in the panes. On the left side of the PROFILE Tab are three main sections:
1) My Profile, 2) My Website and 3) My E-Marketing.

My Profile – All Members

This is the information viewed by distributors as they search our Match Marketplace for your wines. There are three sections for information to be inputted: Profile Info, Producer Info and Wine Portfolio. The more completely you fill out the information is these Tabs; the higher your success rate will be of showing up on Distributor searches.

Profile Info: Click here and start entering in the information requested. Write a short synopsis about your company in the ABOUT US section and upload a profile photo. At any time you can view your public profile by clicking on the red View Public Profile link and it will be shown in a separate tab on your web browser. This will be the first impression that your company makes on a potential distributor partner and will also include a link to your BottleJunction website (for Gold and Platinum Members). If you are a Silver member you can put a link to your existing site.

Producer Info: This is top line info that is a part of distributor searches. Fill in all data as it pertains to your winery. The more information you complete the greater amount of distributor search results you will be seen in.

Wine Portfolio: Enter each wine you would like to find distribution for separately. Each one of the criteria will be searchable by distributors. The more details you have in the listing, the higher potential for a powerful match! You can edit any wine by clicking on either the wine name or the edit icon on the right side of the description line.

Remember to always click the UPDATE button at the bottom of the page to save changes!

Each wine is entered separately so to give you the ability to list different wines in different markets as needed. For example, a producer of Chard, Cab and Merlot has their Cab picked up by a distributor in NY, they will still be able to market the Chard and Merlot to other distributors in NY since each wine has it's own search criteria.

My Website – Gold and Platinum Members Only

Here is where you will create and manager your custom website. If you can work a basic word processing program, then you can build a website! The overall format of every BottleJunction site is the same, but every element within that format is customizable. You can change the header colors, background colors and patterns, upload photos and events and even create unlimited custom pages.

Central to the website building process is the WYSIWYG or "What You See Is What You Get". This is a standard Internet technologies acronym that means that whatever you write into the window is pretty much what you will see on your webpage. Upload photos, include links to other places on your website and even other websites. You are in total control of the space. After a bit of playing around you will see just how much you can do within our custom built WYSIWYG!

*One note: If you are copying and pasting content from Microsoft Word you will have to click the clear button on the right and re-format. Microsoft Word has a tendency to include a lot of formatting mumbo jumbo that doesn't translate well. This gets worse if you are copying and pasting from a website. All the code will come along with the content and there is a risk that visitors to your website will see a bunch of programmer jargon. Clear this out then re-format (if needed) in the WYSIWYG. The clear button has a blue box with the red circle/slash. Pretty simple, but worth noting.

The WYSIWIG is used for the ABOUT US, WEBSITE CONTACT and WEBSITE CUSTOM pages to allow for maximum customization of your site. Again, once you become comfortable with the functionality, you will be amazed at what can be accomplished.
Theme Editor – Click the Preview Website button. On the top right of your webpage you will notice a small tab that says Toggle Theme Editor. Click on this and a pane will drop down. Here you can change background colors, fonts, upload background pictures, upload your logo and more. Play around and you will have a very unique website look in minutes!

Website Home

This is where you control your home page and it is split into three sections. Welcome Message/Social Networking, Slides and Promos

Welcome Message/Social networking - Write a welcome message for consumers and trade alike to get to know more about your company. This is limited to 380 characters, but don't worry there is plenty of space on your site to put as much information as you want.
If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, simply add the url in the space provided and a link will show up just under the header on your home page.

Slides: limit 3 - These appear in the center of your site and will scroll through repeatedly. A good spot for the three most important things happening with your winery today. Update these as much as you like to keep your website content fresh.

Promos: limit 3 - Three items which will sit statically at the bottom of your website. You can upload photos and provide content that is interesting to your customers. Promos are similar to the slides, only they remain static at the bottom of the page.

Custom Pages

There is a place for a link on all Promos and Slides. If you need more space to explain what is happening, simply create a custom page and link to it! Click on the Website Custom button that is near the bottom left side of the My Website list and you will see a WYSIWYG pop up. Name your page and add a tag below the location. Once you have created a custom page, link it into either the slide or promo. There is no limit to the number of pages you can create!

My Website – pre-set pages

Under the Website Home button, there are eight additional "Website" buttons. The Website Custom is discussed above and can be used to create additional pages to link into your website wherever you choose. The other seven buttons correspond to pre-set pages on your Website. To see this, while in Website Home, click on the red Preview Website button on the top right. Your Website will pop up in a new tab within your web browser. Notice the eight buttons across the top of your home page. These correspond to the buttons along the left side within BottleJunction. These are pre-set pages common to every BottleJunction site and each one is customizable. They are pretty self explanatory, but we will go over each briefly.

Website About Us

Here you can go into detail about your unique brand and company. Use the WYSIWIG to create an eye-catching narrative.

Website Wine

Here is where you list the wines you produce so that distributors and consumers alike can learn more about them. Remember that this is your public website and will be viewed by everyone so tailor the information to the consumer side of the industry. Here you can list the wine name, bottle size and retail price along with a detailed description, technical information and tasting notes. Include a bottle shot or label photo as well. Think of this as the consumer marketing aspect of BottleJunction, where as, the Wine Portfolio section in your Profile is for B2B communication. BottleJunction asks you to input your wines twice because of the two highly different audiences.

Website Events

Keep your business partners and clients updated as to what is happening with your brand! Have special tastings, art openings or concerts happening at your winery? Here you can let the world know what is happening. This is a calendar program but you can also add photos and attach downloadable flyers. No limit to how many events you can list!

Website Photos

Create Galleries of photos for your clients to see. There is no limit to how many photos you can upload, but each one must be smaller than 2mb. You can add captions to each photo as you upload them. Once you have photos uploaded you can choose a Gallery Cover shot by scrolling over the picture you want and clicking on Set Default.

Website Videos

Works just like Website Photos, only the pictures move and talk. Pretty cool right?

Website Location

Enter in the address of your winery and a Google Map will automatically generate on your website. As many winemakers have multiple locations, i.e. a winery address, office address and tasting room address, we made it possible to input multiple locations. You can title them and even put in descriptive notes. Never again will a customer not be able to find your winery or tasting room!

Website Contact

Here your customers can generate e-mails to you that will be sent to the address you specified in your BottleJunction profile. You can add a message and/or photo into the WYSIWYG which will appear on the Contact page of your website.

SEO/ Analytics

This is the really cool, behind the scenes, covert web master stuff that no one else will tell you about! Even though most search engines claim that there is no process in determining which sites show up first in search results, that is not entirely true. Use the Search Engine Optimization pane to help make your website show up in more searches! Enter in keywords that your customers might put into a search for you. The tips pane on the right hand side explains how and what to put into these fields. We highly recommend that you take some time and enter in lots of information!
Google Analytics is super cool. With this free snippet, you cannot only see how many hits you get, but where they are coming from! Let's say you did a big tasting in Denver. The week after you can see how many people from that specific region went to your site! Take charge of your marketing and see real results!
Learn more about Google Analytics here: http://www.google.com/analytics/tour.html
Oh, by the way, it's free! Told you it was super cool.

My E-Marketing – Platinum Members Only

Followers - On the top left of your website home page there is a button with the BottleJunction flag that says Follow Us. When a customer or fan of your winery clicks this, a window pops up which prompts them to input their e-mail address. These addresses are then stored in your BottleJunction account. As this list grows, you will be able to quickly create and send out professional, branded e-marketing messages to all of your followers. You are able to input followers manually as well by clicking on the Manage Followers button.

Followers become important for a couple of reasons. First, they are your best and most loyal customers who can now be reached in a professional manner very quickly and efficiently. Second, we include the number of followers you have on your profile page that potential distributor partners view. This way, you can easily communicate the popularity of your brand! The more followers you have, the more likely that a distributor will be interested in your wines! Also, the more direct selling opportunities you will have through your E-Marketing Tools! Lots of followers equate into lots of business, which is what BottleJunction is all about.

Create Evite

By now you should have mastered the WYSIWYG. Use one here to create templates for E-Marketing campaigns. Create as many templates as you like. To send them, simply click on the Send Evite button.

Send Evite

You can create Evites here as well and send out directly. Or, select one of your saved templates and populate with recipients. If you have everyone already loaded in as Followers, simply click the followers box and send!

Manage Followers

Here you can view the list of followers who have signed up on your website as well as manually enter in addresses. To add a follower, click the Add Follower button and write in the e-mail address. You can delete followers by clicking on the red X next to the address in the list.


This is a top line view of your account. You can see your current package, payment history and control e-mail notification. The BottleJunction team will also periodically post announcements about events, updates to the service, etc. You can also quickly see your recent Bev-Matches, Saved Searches and recent favorites from your previous login.

Match Marketplace

Here is what you came for! Search for distributor partners according to multiple criteria. Remember that the goal of BottleJunction is not just to find a business partner, but the right business partner. Make your search as detailed or broad as you like. You can save your particular searches, and we suggest that you create a separate one for each market you are looking to gain distribution in.

Quick Search: Heard of a distributor through a colleague and want to find out if they are on BottleJunction? Simply enter the name in the Quick Search field at the top and find out.

Search Results: Click on the distributor profile and you should find all the information you need to make a decision as to weather or not that particular distributor would be a good partner for your brand. Remember that all information on BottleJunction is user updated. Therefore, some distributor profiles will be more in detailed than others. Click on "download portfolio" to see what other wines that distributor already carries. This way you will be able to determine if this is a good match or if they are already saturated within your category.

Add to Favorites: Find a company that is interesting? Simply click on the Add to Favorites button and you will be able to track back to the profile easily without conducting another search.

Bev-Match: BottleJunction is a constantly changing environment with new members added daily. Also, since the information is user updated, the profiles and potential search results are changing as well. To keep on top of this liquidity we created Bev-Match. By clicking the red Bev-Match button the system will save your search criteria and consistently re-run your search for you. Should a new partner join BottleJunction that matches your search criteria, you will receive a notification via e-mail. This way you will be able to easily keep a handle on the ever growing and constantly changing distributor market!