2010 the 3rd largest harvest on record!

From :Wine and Spirits Daily

"Preliminary results from the 2010 crush are much larger than the industry expected, surprising almost everybody.  In fact, it's the third largest crush in history after the 2009 crush and mother of all crushes, 2005.  The California wine industry produced 3.58 million tons of wine grapes compared to a little less than 3.7 million tons in 2009.  The total crush (including raisins) reached 3.98 million tons, down -3% from the 2009 crush of 4 million tons." 

What does this mean for your business?  Lots of wine to sell in 2011!

Will prices come down or stay stable?  Word on the street is that the volume in the $15 - $20/bottle range is back.  Consumption continues to rise with the popularity of wine and wine education.  

Let's hope that 2011 sales are as large as the 2010 Harvest!