Super Smart Barcodes for the Bev industry

Ok - so how cool is this?
Bev Barcode has developed a temperature sensitive barcode for the wine industry.  Basically it will tell the checkout scanner if the bottle of wine is shelf temp or cold box temp.

Why should you care?  This will enable a retailer, using their existing equipment, to be able to monitor their cold box vs. shelf inventory instantly!  Super cool (pun intended)
By maintaining the proper inventory at the register, a retailer can now know for certain if a bottle is available chilled to a client as well as directing their staff to restock the fridge.  

Let's see if the next generation will be able to deliver a temperature history for the bottle!  Perhaps in the future, we will be able to see if a wine was ever "cooked" in transit or frozen in a truck during a Nor Easter.   

Very cool tech from our friends at Bevbarcode.com