WE PROMISE that your price will not change during your time with us. You will not be surprised with hidden fees, hosting fees, additional charges for usage or customer service. Our price includes everything you need to get online and stay online.

WE PROMISE that your satisfaction is our priority. We will strive to make your experience positive. Our online help guide has been developed to educate and assist you with every step of your process. Take advantage of the video tutorials to ensure you are maximizing all of your efforts.

WE PROMISE that our system is so user-friendly that you'll be able to manage your site with a simple click of a mouse.

WE PROMISE to always increase the value of our service by adding new features and retooling our solution to meet the needs of your growing business. Whenever possible these upgrades will be available to you at no extra cost.

WE PROMISE to serve the beverage community with integrity and purpose.


"Making wine is hard, selling wine is really hard!"
-Gary Branham, winemaker -

BottleJunction exists to represent and market your wines easier and efficiently. As a member, you will have access to all the features below to increase your visibility to distributors nationally. Let BottleJunction help your wine get into the right market with the right distributor!

Online Marketplace

Bottle Junction is the product matchmaker of the wine industry!

Our BEV-MATCH Technology matching system automatically locates a distributor currently seeking to represent your type of product. Whether you produce Cabernet or Viognier, eliminate the wasted time and money of marketing your brand blindly to the wrong partners. Be exact! List your products according to multiple search criteria maximizing match opportunities with our distributor members.

Efficient Research

With a click of your mouse, members can instantly research potential distributors in any U.S. market. Bottlejunction understands the importance of privacy and integrity. All communication between Bottlejunction producers and distributors happens through our proprietary system that empowers both parties to provide information at their discretion. The result is developing real and trusted relationships to conduct business once a match is found.

Branded B2B Marketing

Research distributors in any US market, then contact them in a way that makes your brand get noticed! Using professional branded messaging, Bottlejunction makes your correspondence stand out!

Post your brand in the specific markets you are seeking representation so that the right Distributors can find you.

Professional Website Presence

With your (our) automated website solution, you can design, edit and manage your own web presence without any programming knowledge. It's an easy point and click solution. Upload photos, videos and information for distributors and consumers alike to learn more about your unique brand(s). You'll never need to call a web master again! Simply cut and paste text so that your website is always up-to-date. Collect information from website visitors to build your own contact database to send branded marketing emails with a click of the mouse, keeping your loyal followers updated of your latest offerings.